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Father's Day

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Some Awesome Picks for Fathers Day [gallery type="slideshow" ids="2107,2098,2093,2092,2090,2091,2085,1813,1759,1760,1761"] 1.) I Coloniali of Italy: Aromatic Soap with Indian Sesame- $12.00 2.) Jack Georges- Money Clip, Magnetic closure, Saffian leather, stain resistant and Hand Crafted. $24.00 3.) Rahua Shampoo and Conditioner- Rain Forrest grown,100% Natural ingredients includes ungarahua oil, Lavander and Eucalyptus. $34.00 each 4) I Coloniali of Italy-Shaving Cream made with Mango oil. $39.00 5) Anthony Logistics for Men-Algae Facial Cleanser $36.00 Facial Scrub $36.00 both products are Fragrance free, both contain Aloe,algae.Cleanser has Glycerin, lavender,rose hips, extracts of azulene. Scrub has:Vitamin C and Chamomile. 6.) Yucatan Honey- is a...

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