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I want to preface this by saying that I don't like foaming cleansers. You know the type I mean, with the pump that pre-foams into your hand. They don't make me feel clean. And they're watery. Sea of Spa's Black Pearl Face Mousse Cleanser is none of these things. The foam is rich and thick and goes smoothly on to the skin. It's unique combination of pearl power, seaweed and Dead Sea minerals leave my skin feeling clean and refreshed. Black Pearl Face Mousse Cleanser, 7.1 fl oz, $36.50 Available at Thompson Chemists

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  • Black Pearl Face Mousse Cleanser ~ The foam is so light you can blow it off your hand like clouds of air ~ The whipped up blend of seaweed, pearl powder & Dead Sea salt minerals are churned with water as you cleanse your face tossing away impurities. You can tell I like this product.

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