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So it's 20°F in New York City, but if you ask me, it's feeling more like -5°F! All I can think about is being somewhere sunny...Nuxe tropical But instead I'm stuck with extra layering, a stuffy nose, and not to mention, dry skin... So in efforts to calm my winter blues I picked up the Nuxe: Creme Fraiche Moisturizing Energizing Emulsion (Dry) tester and viola *does a French accent* :P  a moisturizer that does the job ALL day! It goes on light and has a fresh and clean smell that wont irritate the skin. Nuxe Creme Fraiche We're talking 24hr moisture that won't leave that 3 sweater layering feeling on your face. :) Eight Plant Milks and four balancing Essential Oils that leave my skin oh so refreshed and hydrated in the cold winter wind. This  2.1 fl oz jar of goodness helps trap water deep within the skin to replenish the skin with ongoing moisture. Nuxe Creme Fraiche Emulsion Dry So maybe I can't turn snow to sand and I won't be able to go tanning anytime soon but with a little help from our friends at NUXE Paris and my Mac, I can always be at the beach when the sun is about to set. ;)

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