Berocca, come rescue me from these moving blues...

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After living in the same apartment in Murray Hill for 21 years, the time has come to move. Gary and I moved into this apartment when we were married. Our three children were born and raised here. We have raised two puppies here and have been very active in the community. So, it's really my first time moving. Where do I start? Who do I call first? We need to call the cable company, the electric company, the gym, the dry cleaners not to mention the landlord!!!  I worry about what to do with all the papers, clothing, pictures and toys that have been collected in the past 21 years! Where am I going to put everything, is it all going to fit? And our friends are making us feel blue because we will no longer be next door. Tear jerker! And our three teenage kids definitely don’t want to move away from their friends! Here's what I've learned so far. First, one needs a lot of patience and energy when moving! Second: stay calm!! Nothing you do or say will change anything! Third: What you should expect pure exhaustion. Body aches and the feeling of being run down, as though you're getting sick.  All of this is normal as your body is lacking sleep and running on anxiety. I started feeling run down and achy on day TWO. What did I do to save myself? I decided to go to work and take a break from my stress. I know this sounds backwards, but is as much my home as my actual home. Now, at Thompson Chemists (and Thompson Alchemists)  we carry Berocca, which is a caffene free source of energy. I said to myself: This is my cure. Berocca is full of all the B vitamins, which build up your immune system and give you energy without getting you nervous (one has enough stimulation from nerves when under this pressure!).  Berocca's ingredients include: Vitamin C, B1, B2, Niacin, B6, Folic acid, B12, Biotin, Panthothenic acid, Magnesium and Zinc. It is an effervescent that you drop in a glass of water and it tastes great! Give Berocca a try for a natural boost of health and energy. It worked for me! PS: Don't worry, we're actually only moving downtown... Check out our new view! ;)

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