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[caption id="attachment_2603" align="aligncenter" width="500"]Bread Alone Granola Four delicious flavors of Bread Alone Granola available at both our Soho NYC locations.[/caption]

Stop into one of our Soho NYC locations and pick up a bag of delicious granola delivered to us fresh from

Bread Alone Bakery, Woodstock NY.

All four flavors are made with fresh organic rolled oats.

Pistachio and Apricot Granola contains fresh pistachios and apricots creating a great snack anytime of day. Great dry or with yogurt the pistachio and apricot flavored granola contains oats, maple syrup, brown sugar, pistachios, apricot, coconut, pumpkin seeds, canola oil, olive oil, sea salt, cinnamon and cardamon.

Almond and Raisin Granola is a crunchy and sweet treat made of organic rolled oats, almonds, raisins, local honey, sunflower seeds, brown sugar, flax seeds, canola oil, coconut and vanilla.

Chocolate Berry Granola contains chocolatey, crunchy oats mixed with sweet dried cranberries, almonds, brown sugar, walnuts, local honey, coconut, cocoa powder, canola oil and cinnamon.

Honey Almond Granola are simply oats, local honey, olive oil, almonds, flax seeds, canola oil and vanilla.

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