Caudalie arrives chez nous!

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Caudalie arrives at Thompson- Well, I  haven’t been to France in quite some time, or a vineyard for that matter!!!! So, let the vineyard and France come to me. Yes, Caudalie has arrived at Thompson Chemists and Thompson Alchemists and we are all excited opening the boxes! What does Caudalie mean? A unit of measurement of quality that quantifies the duration  of a wine’s flavor on the palate. For each second that the flavor remains this is one Caudalie.  To me “Caudalie” means quality. It means skincare that is derived from grapes! Grape seeds! Resveratrol! Grapevine sap! Organic grape water! Grape seed oil and vinolevure! Who wouldn’t want to give it a try! I decided that my first product to try would be: The Beauty Elixer- Wow! What a feeling. It has that “ je ne sais quoi!" It is made of grape extract, rosemary, melissa, and mint essential oils and plants. I sprayed on my face before doing my make-up, it tightens the pores and smoothes the skin. My skin felt wide awake, better than a cup of expresso! I need to take a trip to Bordeaux and enjoy a wonderful glass of wine along with my new love for Caudalie. They say wine gets better with age, and according to Caudalie, aging gets better with the wine! À votre santé. This means cheers in french. Jolie Alony

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