Cloud nine with Caudalie

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I woke up this morning feeling as if my face needed a fresh start. “What should I do to wake up my face?” was my very first thought. Well, Jessica came last week from Caudalie and trained us on the products. She gave us all a mini facial where we all needed to have clean faces. She used one pump of the Gentle Cleanser, one pump of the Instant Foaming Cleanser, and a final squeeze of the Gentle Buffing Cream. She rubbed her hands together to mix all the products and to warm them up before she applied it to my face. She started with small circular motions going around my entire face and neck. I am now energized from my facial cleanse. The Buffing Cream has moisturizing grape seed oil and jojoba microbeads and honey -- perfect for sensitive skin like mine! The Foaming Cleanser has grape extract, soothing camomile and astringent sage...I also forgot to mention that it is soapless. The last product used was the Gentle Cleanser which has antioxidant grapeseed, soothing cornflower and toning oat extract. I followed this exact routine this morning and I can tell you now that my face now feels velvety smooth, soft, without impurities, no dead skin cells. My face is clean and radiant. My face feels like it is floating on cloud nine! One happy face!

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