Died and went to exfoliating heaven …

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How do we remove those dead skin cells, dirt and all that other icky stuff without damaging our skin? Once again my favorite skincare line, Astara, has come to the rescue with Astara Daily Refining Scrub. Providing the best solution for exfoliation without irritating the skin. Sensitive skin? Use this with a little bit of Astara Botanical Cleansing Gelé to create an amazing lather and alter the level of abrasiveness. Lets not forget I’m all about the pleasing the senses. Its fresh grapefruit essence not only refreshes the skin but the therapeutic aroma HELLO! And the texture has to be my favorite part of the experience, as you rub this onto your fingers you feel the finest grains and I mean toes in the sand fine grains! This scrub is so pure and gentle that it, just like all the other Astara products, can be used interchangeably with all your other skin care lines. The antioxidants, the hydration, the exfoliation, how can you not love Astara? P.s I must warn you that you might never use any other scrub again! :) Other great poducts from ASTARA:

Astara: Botanical Eye Treatment

Astara: Botanical Eye Treatmentantioxidant rich eye cream helps banish fine lines, puffiness and dryness! It is moisture rich but feather-light. 1 fl oz.

Astara: Radiance Renewal Intense Moisturizer

Astara: Radiance Renewal Intense Moisturizerextra concentrated moisturizer is perfect to blast away winter dryness. It also helps protect against free radicals and stimulate cellular regeneration. 2oz

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