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Congressmen Anthony Weiner (D-NY) and Jerry Moran (R-KS) introduced H.R. 1204, the Community Pharmacy Fairness Act of 2009, which will allow community pharmacies to collectively negotiate contract terms with the giant PBMs.
Similar legislation was introduced last Congress by Congressmen Weiner and Moran, and passed out of the House Judiciary Committee. H.R. 1204 is a tremendous step forward towards eventual negotiation rights for community pharmacies.
Community pharmacies need to have negotiating leverage with these PBMs in order to continue to serve our patients. We simply cannot survive if we are prohibited from negotiating with the PBMs, who reimburse us at rates that make it difficult for us to stay in business. Unfortunately, the government's antitrust laws are prohibiting independent pharmacists from negotiating with the PBMs, unlike the larger chain drug stores. As a result, many community pharmacies have been forced to close their doors.
H.R. 1204 will allow community pharmacies the same leverage as the larger chains when negotiating contracts with the PBMs. It creates a narrow exemption to anti-trust laws so community pharmacies can receive a fair reimbursement for serving patients.
Members of Congress need to know just how important this legislation is for community pharmacy and our patients. Please email your Representative today and ask them to co-sponsor H.R. 1204, the Community Pharmacy Fairness Act of 2009. Also, please call your Representative's office using the NCPA Legislative Action Hotline at 1-800-777-5815 (Pharmacists press option #1/Patients press option #2)

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