FocusSniff...or How I Stayed Alive in Biology.

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It’s been so busy in the Thompson World that we’ve completely forgotten to introduce our corner of the interwebz to one of our new favorite natural lines that hails all the way from South Africa. Aromatic Apothecary is this really awesome line that harnesses the power of aromatherapy  in their line which ranges from stress relief to muscle rubs. They’re all made with pure essential oils distilled from many different plants that all have a powerful effect on our body -- both mentally and physically. Aromatic Apothecary has carved out an unique niche for themselves in our busy, super modernized 21st century. FocusSniff is what I’ll be focusing (haha!) on today. This little miracle in a tube has pretty much been my saving grace this semester. Biology can be a very interesting subject but for some reason I  found myself dozing off during the most important parts of my lecture. Made with peppermint, rosemary, lemon and geranium, this tiny inhaler thats perfect for stuffing in your pockets packs a punch when inhaled deeply through your nostrils and brings you to an optimal state of concentration and alertness. I can still remember the four structures to a protein and can rattle off all of the different kinds of chemical bonds involved! Now, I’m using SinusSniff -- an inhaler packed with powerful plants like eucalyptus and peppermint that banishes all stuffy noses to kingdom come, but THAT’S a different story... P.S. --  I got an A in bio. ;)

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