In Honor of Black Friday: Thompson Chemists' Holiday Wish-Lists!

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We at Thompson Chemists know how hard holiday shopping can be. To make it a little easier for you, shoppers, and in honor of Black Friday, we thought we would let you know what's on our holiday wish-lists. Irit's Holiday Wish-list is only one item! And a very special one too! ANSR is my answer to acne. I'm 37 years old and still battling acne and I've tried everything under the sun..nothing is working as it should, until ANSR came along. Its very simple and easy to use, you can use it as many times a day as you want..Actually, the more the better! Its a small LED device that you hold in the palm of your hand and scan it along your skin while lightly touching it. It has two cycles consisting of a blue light to kill bacteria deep inside your pores and a red light that boosts collagen cell growth to prevent and relax wrinkles. Anyone from the age of 12 and up can use it and it is not medicated so there are no side effects..I like that! Esther's Holiday Wish-List   This Eucalyptus Shower Gel came in two days ago from a company that I'm rather fond of: Kniepp. They have all these awesome bath salts and oils which quite frankly, rock, so, I knew this showergel was going to be fantastic, and by the smell, OH BOY! it IS fantastic. The showergel smells so strongly of eucalyptus that you are sure to banish stuffy noses for the next 5 years. This makes me their biggest fan since stuffy noses are often my demise come wintertime. This is number one on my list of Things-I-Need! Anyone suffering from the common cold will surely worship you if you rescue them with this sensational body wash. Biafine has been the French go to cream for decades Going to France every summer, I grew up with seeing the Biafine Emulsion in my aunts' kitchen. I was so excited to hear about its arrival at Thompson Chemists since I was never able to find it in America. Trust me when I call this a miracle cream, well, a miracle! My aunt loves to cook, which makes her well versed in the care of the frequent burns she'd get from handling a hot skillet or sliding deserts into the oven. Biafine would always be slathered on the burn and she'd be good to go. Coincidently, she'd use it on her kids and I when we'd come back on the beach all sunburnt and it would be SUCH a relief. Its also good for scraped knees and elbows, other cuts and wounds and even skin ulcers. The list continues to go on to aiding in the relief of skin grafts and skin inflammation caused by radiation treatment! The emulsion is actually used in hospitals around France, so you can be certain that its legit. For the super practical at heart, this product is a MUST HAVE. The Ahava Pure Silk Dry Oi is SO WONDERFUL. We have a tester in the store which is 3/4's empty because I'm constantly spraying it and rubbing it into my arms. It can be used for a multitude of things but mainly as a moisturizer that leaves your skin soft, smooth and practically glowing. I really should stop mooching off the store tester and get my own..hint hint! I also have to mention how much I ADORE the smell! The bottle describes the scent as "Mandarin-Cedarwood", but I like to call it "heaven". If you're anything like me, you're a sucker for vampire love stories, chubby babies, and shiny nail polishes. Over the past few weeks, Thompson Chemists has been accumulating a growing collection of these marvelous nail polishes by Kaia House in a variety of colors that always leave me so starry eyed every time I walk past them. Though I must admit not all of them are shiny, two are actually MATTE, (The Brighton and Madrid colors) which impress me just as much. Which color do I want? Do I have to choose? Really? Emily's Wish-List I've picked a couple of products that I either already adore or have been wanting to try for real (sample packets don't count). The first item on my list falls into the later category. The Papyrus line by Klorane has been on my list of things to try for many months already. I've tried all of the products, but separately, and from sample packets only and I'm excited to see what its like to use it over a few weeks. I think that it will be really good for my hair now that its so long (I think I'll reach my goal of elbow-length just after X-mas!). Fun fact: The Klorane Papyrus Shampoo is Esther's favorite shampoo. ;) Next on my list are candles by Flare, specifically the Sweetpea (purple label) and Evergreen (green label) scents. These soy candles have a 50+ hour burn time and smell divine. Fresh Cut is the most popular of these candles, but I find its heady floral scent a little overwhelming. Sweetpea on the other hand is also floral, but softer and sweet. Evergreen is woodsy, but definitely does not smell like pine trees (or pinesol!). Some people have told me they think it smells like "church" which I guess means incense, and it does have a sort of powdery scent, but again its perfume is very gentle. Mom, Dad, Grandma! Buy it! The next item on my list, which as you can see is the travel sized Avene Thermal Spring Water, is a stocking-stuffer-type-item. I love to have one of these in my bag, especially when I'm travelling. I always feel gross when I wake up from a nap, but who doesn't want to nap on that cross-country flight or 5 hour bus ride? The Eau Thermal Spray is perfect to refresh, moisturize skin dehydrated from that aweful airplane air and it also helps me wake-up, in case you sleep all the way to your destination (unfortunately it cannot remove the imprint of your sweater from your forehead...). The final item on my list should come as no surprise to those of you who saw the video I did with the lovely people over at SohoNews10012 (if you did miss it you can see it here). Honest as always I said that this item was what I hoped to find in my Christmas stocking, and I love this product so much I have to plug it a second time. The Leonor Greyl Magnolia Oil is rich and thick, perfect for keeping dry winter skin at bay and its rich scent is absolutely intoxicating.

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