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Growing up during the mid-1970’s in Queens the “era of me” arrived and with that came the fad diets. Few could carry as much claim to fame as the Grapefruit Diet. This sour acidic fruit that would sting your salivary glands had a special place in my home. Mom would cut one in half each morning so I could start my day off right with spoonful of zest. Now that same essence has been captured by exclusive celebrity stylists George Wilman and Scott Bond. They have brought us a line with a scent and a feeling of enthusiasm in a bottle: grapefruit. And what a joy to know all the chemicals that KNOW does without. This luxurious low toxicity hair & body line currently contains three products a body wash, a daily color safe shampoo and conditioner. The shampoo gently cleanses leaving hair with maximum texture, shine and manageability. KNOW shampoo is formulated with the finest natural ingredients including my favorite Pink Grapefruit extract. Follow it with a salon-quality, environmentally safe hair conditioner that doesn’t leave your hair feeling heavy and greasy. The body wash lathers and rinses clean with no residue while stimulating your spirit at the same time.

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