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[slideshow]Now I don’t know but I’ve been told that the NYC lice epidemic is brave and bold. Of course it never happened to any of my three children growing up in an over populated city. ...Yeah right, confession time! It’s happened to us. There we are at work and we get the call from the school nurse basically saying: “Come here now and pick up your lice infested child before the rest of us get contaminated.”

Oh, the shame and the questions. How do I face my friends? My relatives? Co-workers? Have I been scratching inappropriately in public?  And however did this pestilent parasite invade my clean and orderly world? Well folks, start nit picking now because unlike many social discomforts a louse doesn’t discriminate from the clean to the dirty. So if you’re paying taxes, just consider this an added public perk.

This week at, we were honored to have the folks from Licenders, a full service Head Lice Treatment “spa” hold a community workshop at

Thompson Alchemists, located at 449 West Broadway SOHO ,NYC 10012.

Their wonderful professional associates showed us how to search for nits and eggs and how they can be exterminated naturally in a cruelty free fashion. Most of all we all spoke about how important it is, whether a nymph or a louse, not be embarrassed if lice comes to your house.

Thank you so much Licenders! job well done!

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