Lucky Magazine Mentions Available at Thompson Chemists!

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On page 132 of Lucky Magazine, Philip B. Nordic Wood Body Wash and Weleda Salt Toothpaste were mentioned as the "Best Beauty Products: Now Mini!" With the Philip B. Nordic Wood Body Wash, you can moisturize, tone and condition your hair, scalp and skin with a nurturing, relaxing and soothing blend of Norwegian Spruce, Balsam Fir, White Pine, Cedarwood and White Camphor extracts that is rich in replenishing Amino Acids. This body wash doubles up as a shampoo as well! It has an unique, enchanting Nordic scent that is sure to become your favorite. The Weleda Salt Toothpaste is as equally a great product - the toothpaste's use of sea salt increases saliva production in the mouth to help wash out bacteria found in the mouth and dilute the concentration of remaining bacteria which lead to gum inflammation and decay. The salt toothpaste is also the number one seller in North America of its adult toothpaste products. These two wonderful items are available at Thompson Chemists in both travel, and regular sizes. (the Salt Toothpaste is unfortunately only available at the moment in a regular 3.3oz size) Come down to the store or check out our website for the Philip-B Nordic Wood Body Wash or Weleda Salt Toothpaste!

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