Our Berocca comes from England, and this is why you should care.

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If you live in New York, you may have seen the new ads for Berocca. You might even have seen it in the supermarket. Yes, a product called "Berocca" is now freely available in stores. But trust me, it is not the Berocca you know and love. The Berocca that Europeans have enjoyed for years is a tasty B complex, with Vitamin C, Magnesium and a couple other vitamins. It boosts energy naturally. In the new, U.S. market Berocca, stimulants have been added (Caffeine and Guarana) that can make you giddy, cause tremors, heart palpitations or even dehydrate you. No thanks! If I want caffeine, I'll have a cup of coffee. Plus, personally I think that Guarana has a horrible aftertaste! So, if you want your classic, stimulant free Berocca boost, you know where to find it! [caption id="attachment_2286" align="alignleft" width="484"]Pharmacy in Soho NYC "The Original Neighborhood Pharmacy"[/caption] Also available at Thompson Alchemists, 449 West Broadway.

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