Sunday night madness with the Alonys

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Last night was what Gary and I call Sunday night madness. Whats the translation? Chaos! Three kids. Need to get them to go to sleep, make sure all weekend homework is done and get ready for the new week. What happens though is Jonathan wants to take a shower, Maya wants to check out the refrigerator and Daniella only wants to spend time straightening my hair. She now enjoys doing every ones hair. Typical teenager! Naturally I let her.She repeats to me so many times, "Please let me straighten your hair!" O.K. Fine. So she is straightening my hair, but my hair becomes so straight that I look like I belonged on The Adams Family!! Phytocurl to the rescue! I washed my hair this morning with Phytocurl. This fine product brought my hair back to life. My hair is now curly, shiny and soft. Thanks to Daniella for straightening my hair, and then to the wonderful Phytocurl. which brought my hair back to humanity. But, I needed a finishing touch to start my week off with great hair, so I grab Philip B Cream of the Crop, just a dab. This tightened my curls and made my hair look like I just came out of the salon, a head full of shiny tight curls. I look glamorous ! Thank you to my teenage daughter and thank you Phyto and Philip B!

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