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A lesson in travel savviness

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Let me just start by saying that I'm a traveler. I've lived and studied abroad (Spain and France), I've visited nearly every state in the Continental U.S., I've ridden a camel through the Sahara in July (it rained, seriously) and I'm definitely a frequent flyer. My parents took me on my first flight when I was just three months old. Despite my years of experience, this holiday season I managed to fail horribly at airline travel. Part one of fail was arriving at the airport before it opened. *sigh* So much for beating the crowd. Part two of fail was...

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Propoline from Apivita

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Two new products just hit the shelves from Apivita at Thompson Chemists - a shampoo and conditioner for colored hair! They are both natural products which helps moisturize and protect colored hair. It is made with sunflower extract which protects the hair color from UVA rays while the organic honey extract and panthenol provides additional hydration and softness. Click here to check out the shampoo and here to see the conditioner!

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