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The Nursery Rhyme That Fits the Crime...

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The nursery rhyme that fits the crime:  “Goodnight, sleep tight and don’t let the bedbugs bite!” I always heard it growing up and would picture a single bed room with dark grey wool blankets and striped cotton mattresses. Not the Waldorf-Astoria and certainly not my pad (at least not yet). Today I know that if my kids or I place our bags down in a movie theater or place them in a locker we may have an uninvited parasite among us. It's hot news and it shouldn’t be ignored, the Bed Bugs are out and about in the libraries, clothing...

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Fairy Tales to the rescue!

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For those of you who saw the MSN article on lice and are scratching your heads in fear, do not fret not for Fairy Tales is here to save the day! Fairy Tales is a brand of all natural and organic hair care products, loaded with vitamins, minerals, herbs and pure oils made specifically to prevent and deter lice for children. It is trusted, affordable and easy-to-use... Go take a look at our Fairy Tales line!

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