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Winter Lip Remedy x 3

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Habitual lip biting initiates a cycle of picking, peeling and bleeding, certainly not glamorous. You’re not going unnoticed nipping at that dead skin hanging off your bottom lip as you try to flirt with that special sweetheart. Until recently we’ve had little but petroleum jelly to treat those red, swollen, cracked Bozo the Clown lips. Seriously, not cool. But thankfully, all that has changed! Gentle exfoliating is always the first step in removing dry, dead skin so let’s begin with NUXE Reve de Miel. Natural ingredients such as Acacia Honey, Shea Butter, Plants oils and Grapefruit Essence deliciously coat your...

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Fall/Winter Update

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Its been a while since our last post. Thankfully that means we've just been too busy to write! Here's whats been happening at the store: Avene is back in stock! YAY! All the products we carry in the store are available on the web, and special orders are easy, so if you dont see what your looking for just ask! Klorane shampoos are also back in stock, including the ever popular Oat Milk Dry Shampoo! Thompson Chemists Recommends! We are also running a series of Winter Specials for the web only. 10% off all our suggested winter creams and cleansers:...

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