The Neighborhood Pharmacy That STILL Can ...!

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image Thompson Chemists has been much more than a neighborhood pharmacy for so many people. Thompson Chemists has provided the residents of Soho NYC a home away from for decades and we're proud to announce our recent expansion across the street to 132 Thompson Street. We have to admit after fighting fires, floods, personal ailments and inevitable troughs in local neighborhood business; the last thing we were prepared for was moving our original location. However, time tells tales of being naive and history shows the lessons learned. Thompson Chemists had to move from its 20 year old tiny location due to the financial demands placed upon us by the property owner. Business is business and we are fortunate to have new home at 132 Thompson directly across the street from our original location. More than just a pharmacy ... [gallery type="circle" ids="1424886556599,1424886538832,1424886526188,1424886517142,1424886502535,1424886483621,2893,2892,2891,2890,2889,2888,2886,2885,2876"] ... we're a community

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