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Anthelios just released its' newest sunscreen. A Mineral one with a SPF of 50. IT is a 100% mineral UV system containing  11% Titanium Dioxide blended in a powerful anti-oxidant complex of  CELL-OX SHEILD. This patented formula protects your skin in two ways. It helps defend against UVA and UVB rays while providing a powerful antioxidant made with Senna Alta, a tropical leaf known to protect skin cells. This ultra light fluid sunscreen protects the skin without leaving a whitening texture, as many mineral sunscreens tend. With its uniform absorption to the cellular level it leaves skin feeling hydrated and soft. Its matte finish makes it suitable for use under make-up. This revolutionary formula has left the world of sunblock all abuzz as a lightweight mineral sunscreen had yet to be created... Shake well before using, apply evenly and don't forget to reapply in after swimming or perspiring. Glossary & Key Facts: UVB rays are considered Burning rays. SPF – “Sun Protection Factor” measures the degree of protection a sunscreen has against UVB rays only. UVA- rays penetrate deeper into the skin and contribute directly to Aging and skin Allergies.

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