Under the Weather? Berocca and Redoxon are Back!

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Berocca Redoxin2Berocca and Redoxin are back on the shelves at Thompson Chemists -- get them before your healthier friends do! It's getting colder; the sniffles are just a few short weeks away from becoming a permanent fixture on your face, used tissues are making their way back into your pocket, and getting out of bed in the morning is becoming an obstacle of sheer will power and mental strength. Luckily nothing says health like a vitamin packed effervescent beverage to start your day. And no one does it better than Berocca and Redoxon. Stop by our stores and pick yourself up a box! Or stay warm in the comfort of your own home and order online! Berocca: Thompson Chemists // Berocca 30 tablets Redoxon: Thompson Chemists // Redoxon  Your neighborhood pharmacy blogger, -Hila photofeeling healthier already!

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    Under the Weather? Berocca and Redoxon are Back! | Thompson Alchemists Blog on

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