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With spring just days away we here at Thompson Chemists are celebrating with increased discounts on our vitamins which are usually 20%. This includes certain Solgar and ReNew Life brand vitamins which are HALF OFF!!! That's right, specially marked vitamins will be sold at 50% discounts. So stop by today to take advantage of our deals--while supplies last! The vitamins on sale include:                  
Solgar Lecitin 95 Granules Was $10.90 - Now $5.45!
Solgar Beta- Carotene 11,00 IU Was $12.20 - Now $6.10!
Solgar Chelated Manganese Was $15.90 - Now $7.95!
Solgar Vit. B1 50mg Was $8.90 - Now $4.45!
Solgar NAC 600mg Was $10.90- Now $5.45!
Solgar L-Theanine 150mg Was $26.90- Now $13.45!
Solgar Vit. B6 500mg Was $21.00- Now $10.50!
Renew Life Intestinew Was $31.99- Now $16.00
Renew Life Parazyme Was $21.99- Now $11.00!

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