WOW! Good-bye noxious acetone nail polish remover! Hello Vitry!

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A few months back when I placed the Vitry order (they take a really really long time to ship...) I was told by my sales rep that we would get the new Vitry Disques Dissolvants pour les ongles (Nail Varnish Remover Pads) as a gift with purchase to give out (while supplies last) with the Vitry Nail Repair Treatment (Soin Reparateur pour les ongles). I knew the product would be good since I had tried their Almond Scented Nail Polish Remover in the past. Boy, was I in for a surprise!
These little wipes have changed the way I do my nails forever. First of all it doesn't smell! In fact, it smells great! Gone are the days of feeling woozy from the acetone! It smells sweet, like honey and cream. I'm not sure how they achieve their stink-free formula, but it has a different texture from any nail polish remover I've ever used. That is to say: it's oily. I had to wash my hands afterwards (it may eventually soak in but I wanted to knit so soap was necessary). This may be a turn off to some, but I for one think needing to wash my hands is better than killing my brain-cells...but, you know, to each his own.
Also, the jar should last quite some time. It contains 25 pads, which seemed like nothing to me, but I took the polish (Kaia's Dubai and Venice specifically) off both hands with only one pad! Yup, only one pad. Those pads are tough too! The remover is efficient but you do need to rub a bit, and the one I used was still as sturdy at nail number 10 as it was at number 1.
It just gets better and better! You can see why I'm so head over heels.
So here's the scoop. You can buy the product itself for $10.50, which gets you 25 wonderful pads. OR you can opt to go the gift-with-purchase route and receive it free with the purchase of Vitry's Soin Reparateur for $19.99.* Either way, its a deal!
*while supplies last!

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  • You can order it on our website!

    Thompson Alchemists on
  • How can I purchase “vitry soin réparateur” and have it shipped to Montréal?

    Liette Lacroix on
  •, how do you do it?

    Jimmy on

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