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Thompson Chemists has been providing residents of SoHo , New York City accessibility to the finest beauty and wellness items from around the globe for over two decades. Our uniquenessis parallels our attentiveness to individual customers requests. Staying true to our motto, "if you don't see it ask for it" has allowed us to create a retail experience customized specifically on enhancing the wellbeing of its surroundings. [gallery ids="2851,2830,2815,2768,2728,2716,2651,2649,2647,2646,2629,2597,2594,2576,2564,2513,2502,2301" type="circle" columns="4"] Thompson Chemists is dedicated to enhancing the well-being of our surrounding communities.

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    Thompson Chemists, your go-to destination for finest health and beauty items on the globe.

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