Thompson Alchemists: Calm The F*** Down Candle

  • $52.00

    Immediate action is required. We've all been at a point of, enough! It's time to calm down, way down. Take a conscious step forward on the tight rope of life, breathe and evolve with some aromatic advice. This is the fragrance you've been waiting for and the phrase you've been dying to say. 
    Calm the F*** Down is a relaxing blend of lavender, chamomile, garden mint and a hint of pomelo. Alleviate anxiety when the world is pulling you in all different directions find a space for yourself. My own personal experience has shown me that living life means taking time for yourself. I choose this fragrance combination while going through chemotherapy. The aromatic lavender shrub was a go to for relaxation. I would take flowers and leaves rub them in between the palms of my hands and inhale for an awakening relaxing feeling. Out came my current read while sipping chamomile tea with mint. All along reflecting on simpler times when I was young, and time seemed endless, I can recall my grandmother slowly peeling a pomelo. She had all the time to pull out one individual fruit. A thin membrane containing a cool splash of freshness with a refreshing aroma. 
     Take a minute to Calm the F*** Down. Strike a match and renew.

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