Grether's: Black Currant Pastilles  - Large (15.5 oz)

Grether's: Black Currant Pastilles - Large (15.5 oz)

  • $59.95

Grether's pastilles contain a high quality glycerin whicGrethers Black Currant Pastille Candyh helps keep the mouth and throat area moist, protected, and soothed.  Agar-Agar (derived from dulse) lends the pastille their silky consistency while the natural extracts of fruit give Grether's Pastilles their great taste.

GRETHERS PASTILLES are recommended for hoarseness, sore throats, croaky voice and dry mouth.  People who have to use their voice a lot, e.g. through singing or extensive talking, benefit particularly from the calming, soothing and nourishing effect of Grether's Pastilles.

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