Aromatic Apothecary: Sinus Soother

Aromatic Apothecary: Sinus Soother

  • $19.95

Sinus Soother Roll On Relief from aromatic apothecary is a natural way to clear up nasal congestion and help decrease external skin irritation around the nose.

Aromatic Apothecary Sinus soother is made in South Africa and uses #natural essential oils and herbs harvested from the region.

Aromatic Apothecary products can only be found in the USA at Thompson Alchemists.

Ingredients: Tea Tree, Eucalyptus and Lavender carefully blended in jojoba and almond oils.

How to use Aromatic Apothecary Sinus Soother: Use Aromatic Apothecary Sinus Soother on sides of nose, cheeks and above eyebrows to relieve congestion. Take care to avoid eyes.  10ml


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