Bioderma Crealine H2O makeup remover

Bioderma: Crealine H2O Ultra-Mild Non-Rinse Face and Eyes Cleanser 250 ml

  • $12.00

Bioderma Crealine H2O Ultra-Mild Non-Rinse Face and Eyes Cleanser is especially formulated for the very dry sensitive skins, the micellar solution guarantees a mild cleansing of the face and eyes (eliminates even waterproof make up).
Micellas allow a perfect micro-emulsion of stains while respecting the cutaneous balance (soap-free, physiological pH). Enriched in moisturising* and filmogen active ingredients, Crealine TS H2O struggles against cutaneous dehydration. The soothing and decongesting active ingredients prevent stains caused by irritations, often related to cleansing.
Buy Bioderma Crealine TS And protect your sensitive skin.

Excellent cutaneous and ocular tolerance.

Fragrance free, alcohol free, phenoxyethanol free.

USE: Soak a cototonpad with the solution. Gently cleanse the face and eyes. Repeat until the cottonpad is clean. Dry by swabing gently.