Coup D'Eclat: Marine Collagen Amps (12/box)

  • $32.95

Coup D'Eclat Marine Collagen Amps
NEW Coup d'Eclat Collagen A twelve day collagen treatment for dull, tired skin and wrinkles. A collagen beauty product will succeed only if it can reach as deep as the dermis. There are many types of collagen. Coup d'Eclat contains a high concentration of soluble marine collagen. Its structure is close to that of young collagen, the most active kind for firm and elastic skin. The anti wrinkle action of collagen is enriched with
the toning properties of Russian Ginseng.
- Rejuvenates skin tone
- Enhances dull skin
- Awakens tired skin
- Improves skin elasticity and firmness.
Apply every night for 12 nights or use half an ampoule
in the morning and the rest at night.
The treatment will last up to 6 months depending on age.

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