Curaprox: 5460 Ultra Soft Ortho

Curaprox: 5460 Ultra Soft Ortho

  • $7.95

Braces come with responsibility: Not only do you have to clean your teeth every day, but also the brackets and wires, and you have to do so until they are spotless.

The special CS 5460 “ortho” toothbrush with the bracket groove, designed at the request of dentists, now helps with the final cleaning. And it is precisely the braces-compatible special design of this groove which ensures a spotless exterior of brackets and wires – smooth and thorough.

Before this final cleaning, we recommend a basic cleaning in three steps: with the CS 5460 “ultra soft” toothbrush, the CS 1006 “single” solo brush and the CPS “regular” interdental brush.

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