MegaFoods: Liver Strength  30 count

MegaFoods: Liver Strength 30 count

  • $21.95

 Liver Strength promotes liver health and function with prized Organic Purple Reishi Antler. Grown on anthocyanin-rich purple kculli corn, a non-GMO heirloom strain, Purple Reishi Antler provides revitalizing and protective nourishment for healthy liver cells.  Made with certified organic ingredients and tested to be free of pesticides and herbicides Liver Strength is a pure rejuvenating elixir for the liver. Purple Reishi Antler is a highly prized and rare form of this medicinal mushroom. The antler - in particular - displays higher antioxidant activity and free-radical scavenging properties than other parts of the reishi mushroom. The protective properties of the Purple Reishi Antler Mushroom are enhanced with the additional inclusion of Organic Purple Kculli Corn extract. Driven by food, Liver Strength is easy-to-digest and gentle on the stomach.