Olioseptil: Gorge-Larynx Pastilles

Olioseptil: Gorge-Larynx Pastilles

  • $17.00

Olioseptil Pastilles Gorge Larynx was specially made for soothing the throat. From clearing the respiratory tract to combating infections. 

The organic essential oils (Mint, Eucalyptus and Lemon) unblocks the respiratory tract and stimulations the immune system. 

The plant extracts (Sage, Thyme, Mauve, Erysimum) fights against inflammations, calms coughs and and limits the loss of voice. 

Manuka honey calms the throat with and provides and anti-infection shield as so does Vitamin C which helps boost your natural defenses and combats colds. 

Propolis and copper have a virucidal action as well as anti-inflammatory.   (24 pastilles)