Phyto: Phytocyane Serum

Phyto: Phytocyane Serum

  • $50.00

Specially designed to target temporary hair thinning in women, Phytocyane treatment encourages healthy hair growth to combat thinning hair while providing anti-aging benefits.

-A synergy of botanical active ingredients (viburnum bark and ginkgo biloba extracts) and a complex of sulphured amino acids boost intercellular exchanges between the hair bulb and its environment while bringing essential nutrients to jump start healthy new growth.

-B vitamins promote keratin production to strengthen and thicken the diameter of each hair while silk proteins restructure the hair shaft, improving its luster.

-Grapeseed procyanidins combined with a tyrosine derivative protect the hair bulb from agressions and free radicals while slowing down the greying process.

Applied before styling, Phytocyane treatment will give hair an instant boost at the root. From the very first application, hair becomes fuller, thicker and more radiant.