Puressentiel: Purifying Spray

Puressentiel: Purifying Spray

  • $35.00

Pollution is mainly on the inside!

According to the American Lung Association*, the quality of the air inside a home can be up to 100 times worse than outside!
Result? Respiratory problems are amplified!
That does not have the "air" of progress! What is to be done?

Puressentiel Purifying - Spray with 41 essential oils... Breath in health!
This patented spray, 100% natural, combines 41 essential oils that are among the most active in destroying germs, mites, microscopic fungi and even bad odours… It is the ideal product to help unblock your respiratory pathways, limit the sources of allergies, purify, cleanse and disinfect the ambient air in the house and polluted or smoky atmospheres.

100% purifying effectiveness noted in 6 studies **!

Its 41 essential oils enable action on the germs, fungi and mites most commonly encountered in our homes in order to purify the atmosphere for 24 hours.

6 studies ** prove it!

100 % of mites banished, 7 bacteria strains and 3 different types of viruses (flu…) destroyed!
In total: 95% of users noticed improvements in respiratory symptoms.
So, do not forget to spray regularly in your living and working environments!
99.8% user satisfaction.

* Environmental protection Agency, 2002