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Sircuit Skin Infusion-A is formulated with extremely potent anti-aging, nourishing, protective, and skin supporting ingredients, the most important being patent pending IconicA®. IconicA® contains skin perfecting stabilized retinaldehyde making it much more potent than traditional retinaldehyde. This retinoid serum is also fortified with Aldenine®, an anti-aging, cell protective peptide that provides protection against skin cell damage, helping to prevent photo-aging, while also providing anti-glycation benefits. Antarcticine®, a glycoprotein from the Antarctic sea for significant anti-wrinkle activity, protection from extreme cold and dryness, to provide wound-healing effects, and help stimulate collagen and elastin formation. Raise the sophistication quotient to the next level with the ultimate in age correction, protection, and rejuvenation