• $38.00

Sircuit Skin Sol-Avert™ ultimate UV defense uses the natural, broad-spectrum properties of Zinc Oxide (13.5%) to protect the skin from the damage caused by UVA and UVB rays. Undetectable to the eye, this lightweight, oil free, paraben-free and eco-friendly sun block absorbs quickly into your skin and dries with a shine free, invisible shield of SPF 30 protection. Red Algae and L-Ergothioneine are added to help support the Mitochondria DNA and to provide additional antioxidant protection against the free-radical damage generated by UV exposure. Sol-Avert™ is uniquely formulated to increase skin elasticity and hydration, while at the same time protecting and helping to calm irritated skin. So super-matte and won’t even know it’s on!

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