Solaray CoQ-10 60 mg

  • $19.49

Coenzyme Q-10 (CoQ-10) is an antioxidant naturally produced in your body. Your cells use CoQ-10 for growth and maintenance. The highest levels of production occur when you are a child and decline as you get older. Foods like meat, fish and whole grains provide CoQ-10, but it may not be enough to significantly increase levels in your body. That's why it may prove beneficial to add a quality CoQ-10 supplement to your healthy diet regimen.

Solaray offers Bio CoQ-10 formula that is intended for enhanced absorption. It comes in a softgel form that is easy for adults to swallow. Along with vitamins A and E, CoQ-10 is provided as CoQSol, a unique form of CoQ-10 known as ubiquinone. Just one softgel daily may help support healthy cardiovascular function and cellular energy production for improved physical performance and stamina.

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