Vitivia: Pro Vitamin C10

Vitivia: Pro Vitamin C10

  • $60.00

 Pro:Vitamin C10 contains pure Vitamin C at 10%.

The skin, as the outermost barrier of the body, is continuously exposed to oxidative stress, in particular UV-irradiation and environmental toxins such as cigarette smoke, air pollution, etc.

Pro:Vitamin C is known to neutralizes free radicals and effectively protect against environmental damage.

Recently published papers confirm that a decline in natural antioxidant systems is a key factor responsible for the unsightly appearance of aged skin. One way of mitigating this decline is to increase levels of protective antioxidants through a diet rich in fruits and vegetables or by direct topical application, especially Pro:Vitamins C, A and E.

Pro:VitaminC plays a vital role in combating the appearance of hyperpigmentation and photoaging. Pro:Vitamin’s daily dose of vitamin C is design to meet every person’s dermatologic needs.

  • Pure L-ascorbic acid (vitamin C) is ideal for maximum absorption
  • Silicone base allows for an elegant, easy to apply formulation